About RHAM

The Rainwater Harvesting Association of Malawi (RHAM) is a non-governmental, non political and non-profit oriented organization. It is a membership orgnization of individuals and institutions, respectively, hailing from the private sector, government and non-governmental organizations. The association is governed by a constitution and is a registered national association It is made up of a general assembly, which is the supreme body of the association; an executive board, elected by the general assembly to provide stewardship as enshrined in the constitution of the Association; and, a secretariat to administer activities of the association.

Activities of the Association

The Association will facilitate/provide professional input needed to use rainwater for domestic supply and food production; partners will undertake studies and promote different rainwater harvesting techniques; provide advisory and technical support to private sector, NGOs and government to enhance their effort towards development, adapting and disseminating the various rainwater harvesting technologies. These activities are summarised as:

  • Facilitation of the establishment and strengthening of a national network to build capacity and create awareness in rainwater harvesting and management.
  • Facilitation of rainwater harvesting research, technology development and transfer and evaluation.
  • Organising training workshops, meeting and exhibitions on the general theme of water harvesting.
  • Facilitating interaction between government, private sector, donors and other policy.

Networking and partnerships

Rainwater harvesting has implication on several scales: from household to the catchment, and within and across several sectors, harvesting is an off the peg paradigm for holistic partnerships to advance technology development, transfer and capacity building amongst users of rain water in both urban and rural settings. The Association will be a member of the regional Southern and Eastern Africa Rainwater Harvesting Network (SEARNET) and by extension to the other regional and International rainwater harvesting partners. SEARNET is a product of national networks from different countries in the region coming together under one umbrella to debate and advance common issues relating to rainwater harvesting.

Expected Benefits

The association aims at creating the following impacts to the following target groups:

  • Farmers/ individuals/ communities NGOs
  • Availanility of information on all aspects relating to water harvestig and management
  • Availablity of technical knowledge on the construction of such systems
  • Availability of legal and financial information for end users
  • Establishment of farmer /end user level networking forum
  • Farmers/ end users involved in case studies in participatory technology development or application of water harvesting practicies


Academics/ technical experts/ development managers

  • Increased capacity and productivity of reaserch and development in water harvesting and management
  • Availability of adoptable technologies for water harvesting and management and improved linkages between research and actual practice in the field
  • Creation of self – perpetuating training capacity in rainwater harvesting and management where training needs are dealt with as a matter of course
  • Availability of information for policy advocacy to safegusrd application of rainwater harvesting


Government officials/ private sector/ donors

  • Sharing information in water harvesting and management
  • Availability of information for policy guidelines that would encourage public and private investment related and management
  • Availability of information that would help in developing administrative and institutional mechanism

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