Campaign on Road-run off Harvesting

Written by Rainwater Harvesting Association of Malawi  |  Added on August 20, 2017   |   Filed under News
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A group of farmers after the Training (Picture by Macpherson Nthara, 16th Sept 2016)

The Flood Based Livelihood Network, Malawi Chapter will in the month of September conduct a massive campaign on road-run off harvesting in Lilongwe District, central Malawi. The area targeted is constitutes the catchment area of Kamuzu Dam which is the main source of portable water for Lilongwe City. A 15km stretch of unpaved road has been earmarked for this initiative. The technologies to be implemented will include roadside infiltration pits, roadside tree planting, road side ponds for livestock and run-off diversion into farmers fields. This campaign is a follow up of a training that was conducted in September 2016.Read more on the training here

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